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Hi. This site is for sharing my personal projects. I believe it's important to use projects to explore ideas and share the results with others. The themes of these projects are generally electronics, design, and some game development. I work on them in my spare time for fun and to learn new things.

Professionally, I've been a software engineer for quite a while. I've worked with a wide variety of technologies and for a wide variety of types of organizations. This includes everything from government, medical research institutions, consumer facing web startups, to green-tech. It has been interesting to see how different organizations build technology, approach problems, and grow.

Below is the my current project I'm working on. Below that, are some highlights of my past projects, ventures, and experiences.

Current Project

Open Water - V2

Current Thing
This project is about creating an OpenSource hardware device that enables people to remotely monitor water quality. It achives this using off-the-shelf sensors and some custom hardware/software components.


... check out the rest of my projects here.

Past Experiences and Ventures

2016 MadeParts

This experiment/venture is focused on digitally re-manufactured hard-to-find or rare parts. I wanted to experiment with selling items and doing it with zero inventory, direct digital ordering and fulfillment. To start I am focusing on low volume plastic parts that are too expensive to produce using traditional manufacturing.
Themes: e-commerce, 3D printing, digital fabrication

2010 Tree Farm Creative LLC

Designed, manufactured, and sold environmentally friendly products for the modern home using renewable materials. I started this company to try build a brand and marketplace. I also designed the logo.
Themes: Design, e-Commerce, Home Goods, Digital Manufacturing

2008 Northwestern University Bio-Informatics Core

Helped design and build clinical research support tools for web-based trial registration. Helped create a platform for authoring and delivering surveys. I designed and developed several patient registry systems and clinical trial patient monitoring systems. This includes fully live systems and prototypes.
Themes: Clinical Research, Protocol Management, Web Applications, Ruby on Rails, Clinical Surveys

2006 NIH - Clinical Research Consent Document Authoring System

Informed consent authoring platform created using Rails and Ajax. View more about it in the slidedeck here:
Themes: Clinical Research, Protocol Management, Web Applications

2005 Ratchet Web Design

I did some solo web development and design for a little bit. This lead me to some interesting projects.
Themes: Design, Websites, Web Applications, Ruby on Rails

2003 NASA Zero Gravity Experiments

Research assistant, software developer, and hardware support for pool-boiling experiment in micro-gravity. I wrote software and modified the hardware to run automatically during the zero-G flights. This gave me lots of time to enjoy the zero-g.
Themes: Research, Zero G, Hardware, Firmware

2002 University of Maryland - Solar Decathlon

Worked with the the Solar Decathlon team to design, build, and run a fully functional 800 SqFt home. We did not win overall but placed very well in many categories. Including tied for first in solar energy production. I was responsible for the design, installation, operation, and monitoring of our electrical system.
Themes: Solar Power, Architecture, Construction, Electronics

2000 Guidewalk LLC

A Palm Pilot navigation software startup I helped build with a few friends. We produced digital travel guides (9 in total) in a partnership with Let's Go travel guides. During the two years we ran this company I worked on all aspects of the business. On the technical side I was in charge of developing the engine to convert and display vector art graphs to interactive maps in the PalmOS app for all of our guides. I also designed the logo.
Themes: Palm Pilot, e-commerce, software, travel guides, navigation

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