Brian Chamberlain
Software Engineer & Electronics Nerd


2016 MadeParts

This experiment/venture is focused on digitally re-manufactured hard-to-find or rare parts. I wanted to experiment with selling items and doing it with zero inventory, direct digital ordering and fulfillment. To start I am focusing on low volume plastic parts that are too expensive to produce using traditional manufacturing. Visit to see what I'm up to there.

madeparts site

Themes: e-commerce, 3D printing, digital fabrication

2010 Tree Farm Creative LLC

Designed, manufactured, and sold environmentally friendly products for the modern home using renewable materials. I started this company to try build a brand and marketplace. I also designed the logo.

Tree Farm Creative - Home Screen

Themes: Design, e-Commerce, Home Goods, Digital Manufacturing

2008 Northwestern University Bio-Informatics Core

Helped design and build clinical research support tools for web-based trial registration. Helped create a platform for authoring and delivering surveys. I designed and developed several patient registry systems and clinical trial patient monitoring systems. This includes fully live systems and prototypes. enotis dashboard NU Registries

Themes: Clinical Research, Protocol Management, Web Applications, Ruby on Rails, Clinical Surveys

2006 NIH - Clinical Research Consent Document Authoring System

Informed consent authoring platform created using Rails and Ajax. View more about it in the slidedeck here:

Sherpa - Editor Interface Sherpa - Text Templates

Themes: Clinical Research, Protocol Management, Web Applications

2005 Ratchet Web Design

I did some solo web development and design for a little bit. Here are some of the projects:

Crystal and the Wolves - Shapinska Rock Screen Dorkbot DC - Screen Screen Rails 2.3.2 API via - Screen Plaine and Chamberlain Ltd. - Screen Plaine and Chamberlain Ltd. - Artwork Admin Screen

Themes: Design, Websites, Web Applications, Ruby on Rails

2003 NASA Zero Gravity Experiments

Research assistant, software developer, and hardware support for pool-boiling experiment in micro-gravity. I wrote software and modified the hardware to run automatically during the zero-G flights. This gave me lots of time to enjoy the zero-g.

ETFS Published Paper: Heater size and heater aspect ratio effects on subcooled pool boiling heat transfer in low-g

NASA KC-135 0804 024 NASA KC-135 0804 034

Themes: Research, Zero G, Hardware, Firmware

2002 University of Maryland - Solar Decathlon

Worked with the the Solar Decathlon team to design, build, and run a fully functional 800 SqFt home. We did not win overall but placed very well in many categories. Including tied for first in solar energy production. I was responsible for the design, installation, operation, and monitoring of our electrical system.

Electrical Diagram 1 umd house roof add

Themes: Solar Power, Architecture, Construction, Electronics

2000 Guidewalk LLC

A Palm Pilot navigation software startup I helped build with a few friends. We produced digital travel guides (9 in total) in a partnership with Let's Go travel guides. During the two years we ran this company I worked on all aspects of the business. On the technical side I was in charge of developing the engine to convert and display vector art graphs to interactive maps in the PalmOS app for all of our guides. I also designed the logo.

Example App 2001 Barcelona App 2002 Company Webpage ExecutivePose

Themes: Palm Pilot, e-commerce, software, travel guides, navigation