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Air Impaired

Research shows CO2 levels can impair your thinking. This project explores how to build a CO2 level monitoring device.

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After reading about the impact of CO2 levels on cognition I created a simple prototype of a CO2 monitor and level indicator. It also reports the readings to a mobile phone using Bluetooth LE.

Posted a few years later See the project on

This prototype is still functioning very well, now many years old. There have been a few iterations since.

Here are the parts. Everything from Adafruit except from the K-30 CO2 sensor from co2proto parts

The K-30 CO2 sensor. It speaks serial and I2C. I think it also has analog outputs too. co2proto k30 sensor

First test of the sensor streaming the readings of the CO2 level to an Android app over Bluetooth co2proto breadboard w bt

Hand modified (electric drill, x-acto knife, and wood file). The parts almost fit exactly. co2proto front enclosure

As always, liberal use of hot glue. co2proto k30 ledbar mounted co2proto inside final assembly co2proto mounted parts co2proto perfboard closeup co2proto perfboard mounted

It's important to test things before you start assembling. #lifelesson co2proto pre assembly test

The most basic enclosure possible. Not pretty but it get's the job done. The gap in the back is because the parts are actually too deep to fasten the screws on the back plate. In use at home I use a rubber band to keep it from falling off. It makes it look like it has a head-band. lol. co2proto final assembly co2proto first assembly test

I came up with a few other design concepts for the enclosure. Here are some models and sketches. co2proto concept1 sketch co2proto concept1 clay co2proto concept2 sketch co2proto concept2 clay

Once I got into Fusion360, this is what I designed. I think it looks like a dial-up modem from the 90's. Much better than the original enclosure though. co2proto concept3 actual You can buy my design here on Scuplteo

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