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A web connected RGB LED color changing orb from upcycled materials.

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I wanted to make an LED status orb that would get my attention when sitting at my desk. No real problem to solve here except I wanted to experiment with AWS Lambda to fire events down to this device sitting on my local network. In the intermediate to that I created the hardware device (pictured here) and a simple web app running on Heroku to change the colors of the orb. When it was all up and running you could connect to the Herokup app on your mobile phone and remotely change the color of the orb. IOT POWER!

Here's the project on

Here's the app code for Heroku. Not sure if it still works now but, it could.

lol. Looks like I wrote it with jQuery mobile and I was not too happy about it.


The parts I used. The base is a face-cream jar I nabbed from recycling. The Orb part is some cheap LED party orb I bought on Amazon and gutted. colorb parts Particle Photon and NeoPixels. You can build a square out of them if you use right-angle headers between them.

colorb components Here is the setup. If you use solid-core wire it can be structural. Here it is holding up the LED quad.

colorb wiring set

Back and front of the perf-board colorb perfboard bottom colorb perfboard top

Testing the colors colorb test color

Putting it together! Used some hot-glue and Sugru to make it all fit and stay together. colorb assembling

Looks nice! colorb assembled

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