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Soldering fume extraction using an Ikea LED lamp and a small PC fan

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Soldering has some nasty fumes from the flux as it burns off. I built this project before I got my fancy Hakko Smoke Absorber (which is great).

If you have an IKEA LED flexneck lamp and an old small PC case fan (I think the one I used here actually came from a HD enclosure) you can build a DIY fume blower-awayer. Neat!

Also, InstaMorph is amazing and you should just go buy some just to have around the house in case you need it quick. It's like the duct tape of mold-able thermoplastic.

Here is the diagram of the system System diagram

An actual fan! This is what I was using. It actually moves too much air. Sometimes parts get blown around. flexifan actual fan

I had some leftover parts that I thought I could put to use. flexifan computer fan Broken Ikea LED lamp flexifan flexible light 12V power supplies flexifan wall wart power

Disassembly of the lamp

flexifan led lamp head flexifan led lense removal flexifan led lense removed flexifan led plug flexifan led power supply flexifan led removed

Assembling the lamp/fan

Tiny soldering job to extend those little wires. flexifan wire extensions Added some heat shrink to the leads... exposed wire is not cool. flexifan heat shrink I used some instamoprh to mount the fan in the opening of the LED light. flexifan instamorph flexifan instamounted flexifan instamounted side


flexifan running fan

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