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Custom PCB and enclosure for a 4-tone music device based on the ElectricImp IOT device


A co-worker of mine when I was at IFTTT built the circuit that started this project. We worked on polishing it up. I designed the PCB and the enclosure. He worked on the audio and software that drove the four small piezoelectric elements. These four meant polyphonic audio. I wish we had a video of this thing in action.

Designed and ordered the PCB through Upverter. Check it out the design here

IMPLAY - 4 Channel by breakpointer b333d519b3232a2d - Upverter Here's the assembled projects impplay assembled parts1

First test assembled with the battery. It works great! impplay assembled w battery Close-up powered from the USB on the Electric Imp card caddy. impplay usb assembled

Ended a print early to make sure I got the dimensions of the board right in the design file. It has a charge controller, a lipo battery, and then the custom PCB on top. impplay partial enclosure

Printing on the Makerbot! impplay enclosure makerbot

I thought it looked pretty nice. Very 80's. Used Sugru to snug in the PCB and keep it from rattling around. impplay completed enclosure impplay completed open

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