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A mini-game built in UE4 engine. My first complete project.

Here are the screens from my first "game" built in UE4. It is technically a game but not particularly impressive. Since it is the first game I've ever built I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Here's a video of the gameplay

Download the game source on github

I, last minute, changed the name to be "Pathogen Hunter" since that was more in-line with what the game is about... shooting pathogens out of the bloodstream. nnerSpace_star Your goal is to shoot the pathogens (the green blobs) out of the bloodstream. If you miss fire and hit the patient too many times you loose. If you shoot enough pathogens to score 1,000 points, you win!. Technically, that's all you need to have a "game". nnerSpace_ingam Losing screen nnerSpace_los Winning screen nnerSpace_wi

From the build in UE4. It's just a BSP tube with a particle emitter that showers down red blood "cells". A HUD overlay is used for the scoring and the crosshairs. nnerSpaceUE4_edito The gameplay mode blueprint nnerSpaceUE4_gameplayB The level blueprint nnerSpaceUE4_levelblueprin

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