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Kegbot Build

Creating an custom board with Arduino and liquid flow sensors for KegBot integration


We had a kegerator at this "digital loyalty" startup I worked for in Chicago. Being nerds we wanted a way to connect the keg to connect to our product. Employee's could check-in and pour a beer. We would track the beer poured for fun.

These flow sensors are sweet! kegbot flow sensors

Building out the board kegbot arduino protoboard kegbot populated board kegbot populating board Apple mouse box enclosure. That's UPcycling! kegbot enclosure First actual in-line test! kegbot first test Not the best place for electronics kegbot board installed attempt1 kegbot kegs Me doing the dirty work copykegbot installer kegbot better board location I used some servo wire to extend the sensor leads. kegbot sensor extended First test by my co-worker. kegbot testing pour

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