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Experimental design of a FDM Cartesian 3D printer

Not having really satisfied my desire to spend days on end cursing at a 3D printer I decided to try and build my own. Mid-build I moved to the Bay Area and into a smaller apartment with no room to hack on a 3D printer. I still have all the OpenBeam extrusions though. Those will come in use someday... someday.

reboot3d parts reprap1 reboot3d parts reprap2 Had to design and print some custom parts... reboot3d printed parts This is the basic frame reboot3d basic frame reboot3d custom lb guide reboot3d lifted for clearance reboot3d linear bearings reboot3d y axis mount reboot3d z closeup reboot3d z complete reboot3d z installed reboot3d z platform reboot3d z complete

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