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Exploration into environment sensing using the ParticlePhoton

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This was my first attempt at using Fusion 360. I highly recommend it. So powerful and very intuitive to use.

Here's the enclosure file so you can order one if you want

Early first prototype envsense prototype1

The first prototype worked well so I made another. envsense prototpe2 top angle envsense prototype2 front envsense prototype2 back

Designed a quick enclosure to hold the perf-board design. I was surprised how precise the print turned out. That is the power of digital fabrication! This enclosure was printed out of alumide (an aluminum powder). envsense alumide enclosure ortho Fits like a glove! envsense alumide fitting envsense alumide complete I ordered a few other colors too... printed in nylon and dyed. Action shots! envsense black complete envsense blue complete

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