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Experiment in reactive and interactive lighting for the home

I wanted to build a simple motion sensing programmable color changing light to use as a night light in the bathroom. I learned quite a bit about power management (or lack there of) in Arduino.

The other interesting thing I tried was to use a side-car processor to monitor and report back log data from the Arduino up to the web. I did this because I needed a way to debug my device and figure out how to tune it to work the way I wanted.

Some ideas I was working on spritelight design sketches

spritelight breadboard spritelight daylight sensor spritelight programmer

Doing some testing spritelight testing spritelight testing closeup

I built a small circuit to read log data from the primary circuit and shuttle it up to the cloud. This way I could monitor what the sensors and LED lights were doing. spritelight sidecar monitor Here is some of the data graphed and as JSON spritelight sidecar data spritelight sidecar json

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