Brian Chamberlain
Software Engineer & Electronics Nerd

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A functional home accent piece, designed to hold TV remote controls. Built from environmentally friendly materials.

For a brief period I had a product design company. We (myself and my brother) built and sold these "remote control" holders on-line through our website and in some specialty stores. They are all handmade out of renewable and earth-friendly materials.

Original concept treemote copper original

A few more professional looking versions later... treemote bamboo closeup1 treemote bamboo closeup2 treemote bamboo front angle treemote bamboo ortho treemote bamboo remotes treemote base treemote kirei closeup1 treemote kirei closeup2 treemote kirei front angle treemote kirei ortho treemote kirei remotes treemote spiral closeup treemote kirei ortho

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