Brian Chamberlain
Software Engineer & Electronics Nerd

Skills and Knowledge

Current expertise: Rails, Ruby, RSpec, AWS, git
Past expertise: Haml, Sass, Node.js, nginx, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Apache, C#,, C, Java,, IIS, CouchDB, MSSQL, SVN
Future expertise: Linux, Docker, Container Orchestration
Interests: Software development, Programming languages, 3D Printing, Arduino, Embedded Systems, Tech Startups, Product Design, Wireless Technologies

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Grand Rounds Inc in San Francisco, CA: Mar 2016 - Present
Title: Senior Software Engineer/Infrastructure Engineer
Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, Docker, AWS, Linux

  • Created system to extract customer survey responses from Survey Monkey
  • Built and deployed custom system to interface with EDI AS2 systems exchange data
  • Created custom 834 parser and importer for large enterprise customers
  • Worked with data engineering team to implement new interfaces to use for onboarding customers
  • Supported and maintained enterprise facing FTP server, home built CI system, and Docker based testing environment
  • Performed security reviews and maintenance on system and accounts

Lucid Design Group in Oakland, CA: Sept 2014 - Mar 2016
Title: Product Manager - Controls
Technologies used: Dry-erase Boards, Post-It® Notes, LucidCharts, Sketch 3, Balsamiq, Pixelmator, Keynote, Node.js, React

  • Working with developers, designers, and subject matter experts to build cloud-based control systems
  • Setting up integrations with large utility companies and connected hardware manufacturers
  • Working with sales and implementation team to support roll-out of new integrations and product features
  • Planned timeline and tracked progress across multiple ongoing projects
  • Built prototypes and proof of concepts for experimental new product features

IFTTT Inc. in San Francisco, CA: July 2013 - July 2014
Title: Senior Software Developer, Head of Hardware
Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, Javascript, CoffeeScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Solr, git, AWS

  • Head of hardware: Created and/or updated 15 IFTTT Channels in 6 months
  • Worked with Channel partners to spec out, build and launch new hardware device channels
  • Coordinated the channel building and launch process with internal team and external partners (Nest, Parrot, WiThings, FitBit, Belkin, Netatmo, Automatic, Lockitron, and others)
  • Replaced aging Sphinx based search system with Solr
  • Implemented improvements and bug fixes to large front end Rails application with a large user base

Belly Inc. in Chicago, IL : May 2012 - April 2013
Title: Senior Software Developer, Open Source Manager
Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, MySQL, Javascript, CoffeeScript, git, Node.js, AWS

  • Worked with iOS, Android and web teams to launch products and features crucial to business goals
  • Scaled a Rails application from 300,000+ users to 1M+ users
  • Improved performance, test coverage, and stability of core Rails application and API
  • Co-designed and built the management and monitoring system for 4,000+ Belly terminals
  • Worked with product directors to mine data about system performance and user behaviour
  • Created and supported custom reporting database for use by business analysts

Pathfinder Development in Chicago, IL : June 2011 - April 2012
Title: Senior Software Developer
Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, Java, Groovy, Lua, Javascript, CoffeeScript, git, PostgreSQL

  • Created a Rails app for a startup in the commercial real estate market
  • Built document annotation system in Backbone.js and CoffeeScript for a machine learning system
  • Part of development team for a web/mobile startup in the consumer loyalty market
  • Setup deployment process and production environments for Rails based e-commerce application on Linode
  • Mentored junior developers on software development and testing best practices
  • Participated in sales calls and client project estimates

Northwestern University - NUCATS Institute in Chicago, IL : December 2007 - June 2011
Title: Systems Analyst/Programmer
Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, XHTML, SVN, git, Vim, Visual Studio, PostgreSQL

Project: Women’s Health Registry (

  • Created a web-based health registry system to be used by the female population of the state of Illinois
  • Worked with stakeholders in the Institute of Women's Health to build and design to their needs
  • Built a system that has collected on-line registry surveys from over 6,000 Illinois women

Project: Registration and recruitment tool for clinical research participants (

  • Co-created a platform system for delivering questionnaires to potential research participants
  • Co-built a Ruby gem called “Surveyor” for easily creating surveys and questionnaires via Ruby DSL
  • Improved public facing UI to match NU br/anding and create better user experience
  • Guided design and development decisions for system architecture

Project: Patient tracking system for all biomedical clinical trials at NU

  • Lead architect of system, data model, and user interface
  • Managed team of three developers to meet feature priority and end user needs
  • Developed web service interface libr/aries for pulling data from NU research systems
  • Met with dozens of end users, collected usability feedback
  • Conducted demonstrations, training, and provided customer support

National Institutes of Health - Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD : June 2003 - December 2007
Title: Systems Analyst III
Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, XHTML, Mongrel, SVN, Textmate, MySQL, ASP, 1.1, 2.0, C#,, SQL, SQLServer 2000, Windows Server 2003, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe

Project: Informed consent writing tool (Rails)

  • Created a web-based informed consent writing tool designed to be used by the 8,000+ researchers at NIH
  • Met with experts on plain language and readability to incorporate best practices for writing readable text in application functionality
  • Presented and marketed tool to institute leaders and clinicians

Project: Protocol search system (Rails)

  • Created a document search system to provide critical protocol related information to the 200+ Clinical Center administrators
  • Built an XML interface to update search system with data provided by Clinical Center data systems

Project: Protocol writing tool (, Java)

  • Provided continued support and development for a clinical protocol writing tool currently used by three institutes for intramural research
  • Integrated protocol document reference system with Quosa a commercial document and reference management system


  • BS - Information Systems, Northwestern University SCS - Graduated Summer 2011
  • Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland - College Park, Attended full-time from 1998 - 2003